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      Solution 1
      • HKC-K802
      • HKC-K802
      • HKC-K802
      • HKC-K802
      • HKC-K802


      K802 face capture recognition machine is a face recognition product with high performance and high reliability. Relying on the deep learning algorithm to expand the number of face databases, with higher accuracy, it supports the 1:1 comparison between the captured face photos and the human face in the ID card chip, the 1:n face comparison between the face and the local database, and supports the face, ID card fingerprint, which is mainly used in traffic entrance and exit, border inspection entrance, education examination, hotel registration, building access, safe community, financial outlets and other places 。

      Product Features

      l Using three-dimensional modeling, industrial-grade design, stable performance, elegant and generous, smooth lines

      l Industrial-grade master control,

      l Industrial-grade camera, 200W binocular wide dynamic camera

      l Adopt 8 inch full HD 800*1280 bright display

      l Built-in auto-exposure starlight-level ultra-low-light camera to ensure the best face image, which is more suitable for dark-lighted environment and space applications, supports a wide dynamic range of 120dB, and is suitable for monitoring in a backlight environment

      l Support comparison mode: face,

      l Use deep learning algorithms to support more face databases and higher accuracy

      l Support the stand-alone operation comparison in the disconnected mode, and you can verify the face data on the local machine, and then output voice prompts and interface text display

      l Support management, query, set device parameters, data import and export after local login

      l Support serial port communication to access access control equipment to realize authority management

      l Support RS485, RS232, Wiegand input

      l Provide DC12V power supply

      l It can be applied to the entrances and exits of bus stations, railway stations, airports, public security check-in entrances, building entrances and exits, hotel registration, conference security, entrance and exit of examination rooms, scenic spots, etc.

      Hardware Describe
      Host System Android 7.1
      CPU Ruixin micro rk3288k quad core cortex-a17, the highest frequency up to 1.8GHz, industrial grade master control
      Memory 2GB DDR3
      Hard disk 8GB EMMC
      Camera Sensor 1 / 1.8 Inch star level progressive scan 2.1 megapixel CMOS image sensor
      Wide dynamic ≥120dB
      Camera lens 6mm
      Display Size 8 inch / full view / highlight
      Resolving power 800 * 1280 vertical screen
      Screen elevation 0 ~ 30 degree adjustable shaft
      Performance Describe
      Identification time 300ms
      Identification mode Face
      Face verification accuracy ≥99.99%
      Pass rate 99%
      Error rate 0.01%
      Face recognition distance 0.3M~2.5M
      Face capacity No upper limit, 10000 is recommended
      In vivo detection Support
      Batch input Support
      Management platform Support, windows B / S architecture
      Interface characteristics  Describe
      Relay output One way, three ends, normally open, normally closed
      RS485 1 way
      Wiegand 1 set of inputs, supporting Wigan 26 and Wigan 34 (optional)
      Network 1 RJ45 10m / 100M adaptive Ethernet
      USB By default, 1-way USB OTG is host, and 1-way USB OTG is host
      RS232 One channel RS232 with 5V level conversion
      RFID Built in card reader can swipe IC card
      White fill lamp Built in white fill lamp (130mA)
      Infrared fill light Camera with infrared fill light
      Horn Output 8 Ω 1W
      General features Describe
      Power Supply DC 12V
      Dimensions (W x H x T)  124x234x20 mm
      Weight  1.5KG
      Work environment   -20℃ - +60℃,≤90%RH
      Protection level IP66
      Installation mode Wall mounted or vertical mounted
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