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      Solution 1
      • HKC-D802


      D802 face recognition hardware development kit is an intelligent attendance and access control terminal device based on face recognition, which is independently developed by Shenzhen huachuangke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It provides detailed hardware underlying interface calling method, so that users can easily carry out secondary development.

      1. Product features

      → Use dynamic binocular cameras to prevent counterfeiting to prevent the risk of photo and video fraud

      → Wide dynamic binocular camera, 2 million pixels (1920*1080), 128dB wide dynamic range, suitable for complex light environment, ensuring clear and stable images

      → Support live body detection, recognition speed in milliseconds, recognition accuracy rate> 99.77%

      → Support infrared fill light, LED white fill light (software control)

      → Number of face libraries supported: 100,000

      → Support RS485 (Wiegand input shared), 232, TTL, relay

      → Equipped with 8-inch full-chip IPS high-definition screen, 800*1280 resolution, full-view HD display, clear and smooth picture, support for multi-touch, sensitive and stable touch.

      → All aluminum alloy CNC shell, fanless design, efficient heat conduction, stable operation 7x24 hours under 60°C high temperature aging.

      Product specifications

      Product Model D802 face recognition development kit
      Screen Size, resolution 8 inch, touch, IPS LCD
      Resolving power 800x1280
      Camera (binocular) USB RGB camera + infrared camera
      Resolving power 2 megapixel(1920x1080)
      Core parameters CPU Ruixin micro rk3288 4-core 32-bit 1.8GHz processor(Cortex-A17)
      Memory 2GB DDR3
      Storage 8GB eMMC,Support TF Card extension (up to 64g)
      Fill-in light White fill light, IR infrared fill light
      Wireless network 2.1GHz WiFi, supporting 802.11b/g/n protocol
      4G LTE network (optional), Bluetooth 4.2
      Wired network 100M Ethernet
      Interface Power interface DC 5.5mm*2.5mm
      USB interface USB 2.0 Host x 5、USB 2.0 OTG x 1
      RJ45 interface RJ45 (100M Ethernet)
      Wigan interface Support for Wigan 26 / 34 input (shared with RS485, switched through bar trip resistor)
      Relay Panasonic relay 1 way
      Serial port The motherboard has four serial ports, two RS232 (one of which can be selected as TTL),
      one TTL and one RS485
      General parameters Power Supply DC 12V-2A
      Power waste 14W MAX
      Working temperature -20°C~70°C
      Product size 246mm x 138mm x 28mm
      Installation mode Four screw holes of 75mm * 75mm are reserved in the rear shell
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